A Little Bit of History

Cariola's Ultimate Wheelbarrow was conceived in early 1995 by Rod Peterson. Rod was the second of three generations' owner of a concrete equipment supply company that's been in business for over 50 years — Dunrite Concrete Equipment & Accessories.

Rod's concrete and gravel customers always complained about the poor quality of the contractor-grade wheelbarrows they were stuck with. None of them seemed to be built for the rigors of the typical construction site. He set out to make a better wheelbarrow for the "heavy-use, heavy-abuse customers".

Load of Rocks  Dropped in Wheelbarrow

With the willing help of our valued customers, the new wheelbarrow design was subjected to rigorous field trials on the job sites. After testing various prototypes under these harsh conditions, Rod finalized his design and manufactured the "Ultimate Wheelbarrow", a product that not only exceeds expectations — It's become a "must-have" piece of equipment for contractors. Now Rod's customers don't complain about their wheelbarrows any more. With Cariola, they're totally satisfied!

The Ultimate Tire Design —

The Cariola's first breakthrough came when Rod decided on a wheel hub that could take a large sealed engineered bearing and use a 1" solid steel axle. This solved the familiar wobbly tire problems common on standard wheelbarrows.

In addition, a 6-ply knobby tire and inner tube would provide the additional sidewall pressure required, ensuring the tire bead wouldn't break under load. Finally, a tire puncture resistant solution was added at the factory, creating a wheel that is dependable and hard working, resulting in little or no downtime on the jobsite.

With such an excellent wheel in place, a weight problem occurred because the newly designed wheel weighed almost twice as much as a competitor's conventional wheelbarrow tire. As a result, a lightweight but high strength frame was required. Cariola uses square aluminum tubing braced with a steel nose piece and a steel channel back brace. This carefully designed chassis does not twist or wobble under a large load.

View of Front Tire
A landscaper is shown in our Demo Video carrying sod rolls with his dual wheel option Cariola. While we wouldn't recommend carrying such top-heavy loads, the Ultimate Wheelbarrow easily maneuvers where you need it to go to place sod. It's well-balanced, durable and tough as ever!

Cariola uses 3/8" plated carriage bolts with flange locking nuts plus 3/8" U-bolts. This frame is solid and ensures a long life over many years.

The 'use' and 'abuse' shown in the video are not considered 'ordinary use' for a wheelbarrow, but will surely give you an idea of what this extraordinary wheelbarrow can handle that others might not even dare to.

Top-Heavy Load of Sod

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