The Ultimate Wheelbarrow Safely & Easily Carries Loads!

Load of Rocks  Dropped in Wheelbarrow

The Cariola Wheelbarrow Company manufactures the most durable wheelbarrow you'll ever own!

Big Boulders in Cariola Wheelbarrow

The Ultimate Wheelbarrow outlasts and out-performs all other concrete contractor wheelbarrows.

The Cariola is "For the Serious Contractor"!

Browse our Photo Gallery — See for yourself how the Cariola handles the rigors of the typical jobsite.

Wheelbarrowing Some Cement

Well balanced, strong, durable, and designed for lifting loads safely with little or no downtime.

Dual-Wheeled Model With a Full Load of Sod

Our design specifications came from our valued customers, the contractors — a natural choice for landscaping, construction, concrete, masonry, as well as equipment rental companies.


Puncture-Resistant Tire

Flat Tires are greatly reduced because of our industry leading tire design.

The Ultimate Wheelbarrow features a large capacity tub made of 3/8" thick molded polyethylene. The high strength aluminum and steel frame reduces twisting while carrying larger loads.

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